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Author’s Comments – The Sewing Place – Exeter 1763

When I started looking for a suitable Westcountry town in which to set my story, I came across a list of executions. I was shocked to see how many women went to the gallows for supposedly murdering their new-born babies.

I needed to ask the question – why?

Although I didn’t directly run my story around these women, their plight spawned a world where – fictious perhaps – the lot of a woman, without protection or money, might end in tragedy.

I’m not an historian but I love history – especially social history. We are all still massively influenced by what has gone before. If we accept the idea that most of history was written by rich or religious men about rich or religious men, then there must be many other viewpoints; many untold stories that ought to be spoken with a different voice. Although my story is wholly fictitious, in The Sewing Place I have attempted to do this.

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