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Joslin Day


 Welcome to the Official Website of Author 

 Joslin Day 


      The Sewing Place


   Innocence is

    a precious



Publication Date   8 March 2020

ISBN                       978-1-78132-913-9

Dimensions           229 x 152mm

Extent                     354 pages

RRP                         £7.99

BIC                          FV

Rights                     Worldwide

Ebooks                    .epub and .mobi

 Published by SilverWood Books.






My Story


In a busy life writing often becomes a secret lover; forbidden, exhilarating, liberating - a promised nugget of pleasure when all other tasks have been dispatched.


Schooled in the 50's and 60's, an erratic speller with illegible handwriting, becoming an author was never on the cards. But creativity searches for an outlet. Whenever I had a moment to myself, I scribbled.

Dragging drafts of half-finished novels and a box file of ideas through numerous moves, four years ago I made a decision to start writing seriously.

Never keen to get involved with the submission and rejection process of the big publishers - and telling myself that life was too short - I contacted Silverwood.

For over twenty years I have been lucky enough to live in beautiful places, both in Cornwall and Devon, which has been a huge source of inspiration.

Now I'm gradually going through those boxes.

'The Sewing Place' already has a sequel and I'm part way through another novel set in the South West.



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